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What We Do

The PA Teaching Nursing Home Collaborative encourages and strengthens partnerships between schools of nursing and nursing homes using the Revisiting the Teaching Nursing Home Framework. 

By joining the Collaborative, your organization can access:

Free resources & webinars

Age-Friendly Health Systems

Statewide network of peers & experts

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Our Impact

From 2021-2023, we worked with four nursing homes and three schools of nursing across Pennsylvania to form teaching nursing homes. Their partnerships produced the following results:

Nursing home staff trained in Age-Friendly Care
Nursing home residents received Age-Friendly Care
Nursing students completed clinical rotations in nursing homes
Nursing faculty engaged in partnerships with nursing homes
Resources produced to support teaching nursing homes
Textbook published on nursing practice & leadership in nursing homes

The PA Teaching Nursing Home Collaborative is funded by the John A. Hartford
Foundation, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation's operating arm Health Careers
Futures, the Independence Foundation, and the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation manages the Collaborative.

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